Marco graduated from Abilene Christian University in the Fall of 2016 where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Business Management.  In addition to his studies Marco was a collegiate athlete playing Men's Tennis during his time at ACU. During the summer's he worked for various companies where he gained experience in sales.

After being approached by ProActive Process Solutions Group Marco had no doubt that he made the right decision to join the team. Marco started in the summer of 2017 with PPSG.

​Marco has gained respect of his distributor partners and customers in a short period of time. He possesses a great work ethic, and a willingness to learn.

​He has attended many product and equipment training sessions during his first year. The common theme that is mentioned after his participation is his ability to learn, and catch on. You can count on Marco to be courteous, dependable, honest and  prompt when sourcing solutions for our customers. 

Marco covers: Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Northern Louisiana.

Dana Seay - 512-897-4160

Accounting/Sales Assistant

Pedro "Pete" Lujan - 915-449-7383

Territory Manager

 Our Personnel 

Jacobo attended University of Americas received a degree in Electronic and Communications, he spent over 28 years working in world class manufacturing plants as an engineer. He worked in many types of manufacturing facilities, automotive (Delphi), appliance (Invensys), and electronic (Foxconn). After spending many years and ascending to lead positions he decided to change careers. He took a job with a Manufacturers' Representative group. When the Representative firm left Mexico, he was offered a job with ProActive Process Solutions Group LLC. Jacobo has shown his engineering and organizational skills are an asset to the sales process. Keeping the end use, distributor, and our principals informed throughout the process as each new opportunity comes to fruition.

Dana joined ProActive Process Solutions Group in November 2017 bringing with her 25+ years of successful sales history in various fields.
She began her sales journey working as Travel/Cruise Specialist for Vacations To Go in Houston where she quickly became the top Sales Specialist
earning numerous awards and cruise rewards, year after year.

 After a move to the Dallas, Texas area in 1994, Dana spent the next 3 years as the Director of Sales & Marketing for Park, Ride & Fly/Park ‘n Fly Corporation.
She created and solidified successful relationships earning the company many key contracts and expansion opportunities.

Dana joined the hospitality industry in 1997 as the Director of Sales for the Hampton Inn Addison.  She quickly became one of the most sought after
sales people in the industry which led to remarkable and challenging opportunities.  Throughout the next 7 years, she held the Director of Sales position
for some of the top rated hotels in Dallas at that time, namely The Stoneleigh Hotel and the Bradford at Lincoln Park.   Each new opportunity gave her
the ability to build and train her sales team.  Dana’s leadership skills coupled with her fair and effective praise work environment built confident and successful
sales teams which consistently increased revenue.  Her zest for building and keeping sales producing companies’ relationships led to acquiring some
of the largest and continual contracts to date. 

An ongoing family medical crisis led to a hiatus for several years.  Dana then began work as a Work at Home Independent Contractor for the
next 9 years prior to joining ProActive Process Solutions Group.  She skillfully worked on contracts for several companies, including AT&T, Nine West,
TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Walt Disney World.
(She is not only beautiful, intelligent, amazing, organized and dependable… she is my wife!) Oh, and she’s Funny!  LOL 

Daniel Bailey - 469-995-0092

Soldering Process Support Specialist

Ron Cottman - 915-740-6201

Sales Manager - Mexico

Our VISION is simple.........

Bring VALUE to all of our Principals, Distributor Partners and Customers.

We will always strive to be SOLUTIONS based, while maintaining and conducting ourselves with a high level of HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and PROFESSIONALISM. As we like to say "We are H.I.P."

Our GOAL is to raise the bar and set the standard of what a professional Manufacturers' Rep firm should be. We will do this by representing the best product lines available to us, being knowledgeable of our products while being PRO-ACTIVE introducing products to market. 

Jacobo Cardenas - +52 (899) 213 7063

Territory Manager

David has enjoyed 35+ years in our industry beginning in distribution where he advanced quickly and became an expert in inventory control. This led him to Compaq Computer in 1984 where he became a materials specialist. Having a zeal to learn more about process and products he landed a position with Zener Equipment & Supply 

(a distributorship spun off from parent company Zener Electronics) as Sales Manager/VP until 1991.  He spent the next 2 years with a Material Handling Distributor after discovering a passion for selling workbenches, thus broadening his knowledge of products and solutions which would prove to be beneficial in years to come. In 1993 David joined a Manufacturers' Representative firm where he excelled in working with Principals and Distributors, while supporting customers throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mexico over the course of the next 13 years.

In 2006 joined he joined Treston, a leading Ergonomic Workstation manufacturer as National Sales Manager where for the next 10 years he was able to bring key National distributors on board, internet presence,  and develop a top tier rep program. 

After noticing a serious demand for a professional Manufacturers Rep Firm in the Texas marketplace, David reached out to SCS, an industry leader in Static Control products who were in need of representation.  Their answer was an immediate YES. After careful consideration David resigned amicably from Treston, and began his entry back to becoming a Manufacturers Representative in May of 2016. Treston immediately offered the line, and PPSG was on it's way. 

David covers: Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Southern Louisiana

​​​​Marco Bensley - 469-346-5067

Territory Manager


Jorge Gómez  -  +52 1 442 173 1923

Territory Manager

Daniel is a (Pro Bono) member of ProActive Process Solutions Group. Technically he is retired. With that said we like to keep Daniel active. Daniel has a proven back ground as a Process Engineer in Electronic Manufacturing that goes back to the early 80's. In the early 90's Daniel was offered a position as Regional Sales Manager with Kester Solder. This is where Daniel and I met. I'm forever grateful for all that he has taught myself and others about solder over the years. Daniel went on to work for other solder companies, as well as Manufacturing Representative firms.

Daniel offered his support when ProActive was founded back in 2016. We are thrilled we get to work with him again. If you are need of some technical soldering advice, or having some type of process issue Daniel is excellent at trouble shooting and provides you with simple actions to help improve your process. Daniel is a Graduate of Texas A&M School of Engineering.

Pedro (Pete) Lujan (QSSP) Territory Manager, State of Chihuahua and El Paso, Texas, University of Texas at El Paso, BA.  Pedro has over 25 years working in the distribution industry.  He was then offered an opportunity to be one of the first to join the expansion of ProActive Process Solutions Group into Mexico. His experience encompasses selling to electronics and industrial accounts on the border of Texas the country of Mexico.



David Seay - 512-348-5548




Jorge Gomez is our Territory Manager for the Bahio Region inside of Mexico. Jorge attended Universidad Tecnologia de Mexico (UNITEC) Mechanical Engineer. Jorge has 15 years’ experience in sales starting with Ingersoll Rand covering the whole country of Mexico, supporting distributors and directly with end users. Jorge started his own Manufacturers' Representative agency 8 years ago representing Wera, Gedore, Universal Tool and Ko-ken and OSAAP through Blackstone Global for the Bahio Territory. Jorge will take on our lines on as a Contract Employee selling lines that ProActive Process Solutions Group represents in the Bahio.  PACE, M&A Matting, Daylight, Swanstrom, Jokari, Shaviv, and Nexel.  Jorge will work with distribution as well as directly with end users. With his engineering and sales experience, coupled with the product lines he currently represents we hope to forge a strong relationship that is beneficial to all involved.

pro·ac·tive - creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.  (oxford dictionary)

Ronald J. Cottman Jr, attended University of Texas at El Paso as well as Ranger Jr College at both schools worked towards Pre-Business courses while on an athletic scholarship. 

Having spent over 30 years in sales and management was promoted to Managing Partner.  Covering the border of Texas and Mexico working with major distributors and manufacturers. Selling benches, hand tools, soldering equipment, material handling equipment and equipment for manufacturing.

Ron has a proven track record of success. He consistantly managed a territory that continuously was the number one territory in total sales dollars. Looking for a new challenge I joined ProActive Process Solutions Group in January of 2018 as a manger of Mexico and the border of Texas. We now are set to cover all areas of Mexico excluding Baja and Sonora, we continue to search for lines that are looking for professional representatives of products that meet our customer needs,  and  satisfaction with our distributors.. 

Our GOAL is to provide VALUE to our customers by introducing products, technology, and solutions that will provide a realistic ROI.

We will always strive to assist by presenting realistic solutions to help improve Productivity and  Quality. How best to accomplish this is by observation, and listening to you, the customer.

We will always maintain a high level of Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism every step of the way. 

Trust is key, and Trust will be earned. We will treat each opportunity as if an NDA was in place.

Our GOAL to our distributor partners is to provide support, timely responses,  being knowledgeable of our products,  and provide training, samples and demos on the products and lines we represent.

We will strive to be an asset while making joint calls to our mutual customers and end users. 

Trust is key, and Trust will be earned. We will treat each opportunity as if an NDA was in place.

We will always present ourselves as professionals while being Honest and Open while maintaining a high level of Integrity. We feel we are an extension of your organization when working together with end users. 

Our GOAL to our Manufacturers is to earn the right to continue representation for years to come.

We will accomplish this goal by Pro-Actively presenting products and solutions to our end users through  a consultative selling process.

We will utilize our Zoho CRM program containing over 6,000 industry contacts, with the ability to target specific product and customer categories. 

We will earn the trust of our distributor partners to maximize growth opportunities through product training, joint end users calls, and internet presence.