We offer flexible packing solutions for  the mail room to pack & ship, to the warehouse with IAC Industries Packing stations. IAC Industries  is the  most flexible Packing station on the market today. For ESD sensitive devices we offer SCS metalized static shielding, MVB, Pink and Clear poly dissipative, padded metalized shielding bags and corrugated ESD shipping boxes. 

Material Handling


Solutions to improve mobility in the plant with ESD, and non-ESD Cart & Trolley's. Tool Crib organization, small parts storage, bins, totes, and more....... 



We offer solutions such as: flooring systems, workbenches, material handling, solutions for  lean manufacturing and 5S initiatives, Static Control Solutions We are dedicated to helping you improve your process which can result in increased capacity and earnings for your company. .              



From industrial flooring, to work benches, and solutions for sustaining or implementing your 5S program. We have a variety of products to choose from.